A fresh serve in the tennis club kitchen

A fresh serve in the tennis club kitchen

JANUARY 2018 | Hayley Manning

DELORAINE’S TENNIS Club members have just completed an interior refurbishment of their club house.

According to coordinator, Debbie Kearns, it all started with a plan to replace the worn out kitchen floor and it progressed from there to a new kitchen, floor coverings and a neutral coat of paint on the walls.

The revamped, bright and airy club house was made possible through the generosity of local businesses, volunteers, and neighbouring council workers, who ‘chipped in’ by clearing shrubs and broken trees.

Debbie made the project a reality through her ešffective applications to: Meander Valley Council, National Court Rebate Scheme, Community Sport and Recreation Tasmania, and Bendigo Bank, for grants and rebate bids.

“Funding opportunities are available if you have a community project,” Debbie said.

Mike Moores

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