A very fishy feeling

A very fishy feeling


IT WAS a vaguely uneasy feeling watching a number of schoolchildren and adults disappearing into large black inflatable igloos, housed at the Deloraine Community Complex, and wondering if there were space invaders inside. What was inside was a virtual reality experience called Under the Sea.

Organised by Meander Valley Council, the experience was funded by the North Coast Science Hub, and supported by Inspiring Australia who are the Federal Government Department for Science Engagement.

Using the virtual reality goggles, participants could stand on the bottom of the ocean and interact with fish, whales, sea anemones and play with jelly fish.ž These creatures swim by the person and create an interactive experience.

Inspiring Australia aims to stimulate discussion about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and encourage the greater community to consider how far we have come.ž This is important in locations outside of capital cities, to help provide access to current breakthroughs in science.

 Mike Moores

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