A weekly dose of Champagne

A weekly dose of Champagne

JANUARY 2018 | Hayley Manning

CHAMPAGNE IS a friendly, lively, alert, sociable and devoted double-coated Samoyed dog. The breed were originally used to pull sledges, herd reindeer and hunt, but Champagne’s relaxed and gentle temperament makes her an ideal therapy dog.

‘Champs’ and her personal assistant, Michael, visit their ‘extended families’ at Kanangra on Tuesday mornings and Grenoch on Thursdays. Recently retired Michael suggested the idea to a staff• member and it started from there.

“Not everybody likes dogs but Champs naturally senses out who likes her and she goes to them. We can also visit a resident’s room if they place a star on their door. It is a simple thing to do,” Michael said.

Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator, Helen How, said “Everyone smiles when she enters the room. She brightens the day.”

Jobe the Chihuahua is another canine visitor to Kanangra. Volunteer, John Doolen, has been taking Jobe to ‘assist’ in the men’s shed for six years.

Golden Carers research suggests pet therapy can be a source of happiness for animal lovers and previous pet owners. In addition, studies reveal pets can visibly ‘lift the atmosphere’ in residential homes.

Mike Moores

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