Addicted to life

Addicted to life

OCTOBER 2017 | David Claridge

DRUG USE in Australia affects many people.

Deloraine local, Vanessa Reeman-Shea, has taken a stand and is now striving to do something about the problem in Meander Valley.

Victorian, Glenn Munso, is an ex-drug dealer and addict who now teaches youth and young adults how to overcome and recover from drug addiction.

Taking his recently published book Drugs Do Not Discriminate, Glenn has been travelling around Australia sharing his message about the dangers of illicit drug use.

Vanessa reached out to Glenn who was more than happy to come to Meander Valley and hold a ‘Drugs Do Not Discriminate’ tour in October.

“I want people to know that help is out there for drug users,” Vanessa said.

“Talking with a friend of mine, she said there is little help in Tasmania for youth without costing an arm and a leg, and if you do find a place there are no placements available.

“I wanted to help and found Glen’s website and ordered his book.  I just want people to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Glenn is excited about coming to Tasmania to spread the message and talk about his book.

“There is a strong drug problem in this country and we want to give people the tools and tips for those struggling with drug addiction and also to inspire and explain that there is a way out,” he said.

The event will be held at the Great Western Tiers Community Club on Thursday 19th October from 7.00-9.00pm, there is a $5.00 entry fee.

More information about Glenn and the work he does can be found at

 Mike Moores