App for asthma relief

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January 2016 

IF YOU have asthma, hay fever or another lung condition that affects your breathing you could benefit from the new AirRater app.

AirRater is a free smartphone app that gives you daily information about possible local environmental triggers for these conditions.

You can download the app and enter your symptoms on a regular basis. The app will provide you with information about the temperature, air quality and pollen count in your location. So you can see a match between your symptoms and the quality of the air you breathe.  AirRater also alerts users if a heat wave is on the way.

If clear patterns between your symptoms and the environmental triggers emerge, the app will notify you of these triggers and provide alerts when these are high.

The goal of the app is that it will ultimately help you manage your medication use, change your activities, and improve your overall health.

You can download the free app from

Funded by the Australian Government through the Sense-T program, the AirRater project is conducted by researchers from the Menzies Institute for Medical Research, University of Tasmania, Australia National University, Tasmania EPA and CSIRO.

The AirRater app will not provide any medical advice. The management of the user’s medical conditions will remain the responsibility of their usual doctor or health professional.