Bringer of fire

Fire twirler from Winter Fire

Bringer of fire

JULY 2015 | 

IN GREEK mythology, Prometheus was known as the bringer of fire. He stole fire from the Gods to give to the people to keep them warm.

In this day and age we have relatively little contact with fire, Arts Deloraine took a step to change that with their ‘Winter Fire’ event, held one week after solstice.

Luckily the event was blessed with a starry night, little wind, and a temperature of ten degrees.

The crowd, estimated to be six hundred, warmed themselves beside fabulous firepots carved with the ‘Winter Fire’ logo, with flames glowing bright through the stencil cutouts.

Children participated in a lantern walk, plus there was poetry reading, circle dancing, fireworks, fire twirlers and, to top it all, a huge bonfire with drumming.

The local fire brigade and ambulance service were in attendance in case celebrations got carried away. Fortunately such services weren’t required, but their presence was gratefully acknowledged.

 Mike Moores