Deloraine is ‘on the move’!

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Deloraine is 'on the move'!

AUGUST 2015 | 

DELORAINE DELI recently celebrated a year in its new location with belly dancers, music, fine food and drinks.

Their move seemed to be the start of activity in the township that began as a slow trickle but in recent months has progressed to a frenetic pace.

La Petite Boutique A Grand Amour, moved into where the Deli once was and began plans for renovating the two shops next door.

Seppenfelts took over the store that Vinnies had occupied for many years and set Deloraine is ‘On the Move’! new standards for shop front displays in Deloraine.

Then Elemental Artspace took over the old Harris Store with a lightening quick move considering how much stock had to be transported up the street.

Elf on the Shelf moved into part of the old Elemental Artspace shop with new hairdresser Rock, Paper Scissors taking up the remaining part of the lease and new secondhand store Crack Pots moving into Elf on the Shelf’s previous location on West Barrack St.

Meanwhile, Bec’z Town ‘N’ Country Clothing moved in next door to Deloraine Llama, while renovations for the Good Food Company continued.

La Petite Boutique A Grand Amour moved again into the old Seppenfelts store next to the newsagent, Quamby Shoes opened up on the other side of Deloraine Llama.

Good Sports moved down the street to be next door to the Good Food Company which finally began trading recently after many setbacks.

One wonders what is in store for the rest of the year?

 Mike Moores