DNA lends drama to Diggers

DNA lends drama to Diggers

July 2016

A WONDERFUL play, Dig for the Diggers will be presented at Deloraine High School at 6.00 pm on Saturday, 9th July.

It is based on the work being done to identify Australian soldiers who had died in the battlefields of Europe, especially at Fromelles.

By matching DNA testing of their remains with presently living relatives’, being mostly grandchildren, our heroes are at last recognised and their remains returned to their families and homeland.

The play has been performed in Deloraine once by the Hobart-based Square Pegs before as the winning entry in the Deloraine Dramatic Society’s Festival of One Act Plays, and having since been performed with great success in this festival for many years.

The play is very short, only 35 minutes, but it has amazing impact.