Dress circle seating for Little Theatre

Little Theatre seating

Dress circle seating for Little Theatre

MAY 2016 | Deborah White

In another round of exemplary community co-operation, the Deloraine Dramatic Society and the Western Tiers Film Society have enlisted the help of the Deloraine Community Shed to complete the re-setting of the new seats for the Little Theatre in Deloraine.

With Shed Co-ordinator Tim Whiteley overseeing the hands-on activity, volunteers from the above organisations, along with Studio Be personnel and MVC Property Manager Kris Eade, met to tackle the time-consuming task of converting rows of 9 seats into rows of three, so that the seating remains movable, as required by the varied uses of the Theatre.

By also gluing carpet to the undersides to prevent scratching the polished floor, the team has eliminated the long-standing problems that Little Theatre users have become familiar with – as well as providing comfy, safe seats at long last!

Although volunteers from the above groups chipped in, the project would have floundered if not for the contributions of “The Sheddies” – who, while giving generously of their time and skill, probably considered getting their workspace back on completion of the project an additional bonus!

The Sheddies, along with all those who contributed to the project, will be honoured guests at the “Seat Celebration” party when the project is complete, in early June.

Mike Moores