Fantails build beautiful nests

Grey fantail

Fantails build beautiful nests

JULY 2015 | Sarah Lloyd

GREY FANTAILS are delightful birds that are found in gardens and bush throughout the Meander Valley.

They sing a complicated tinkling song and flit acrobatically from near the ground to high in the treetops in search of flying insects.

Their habit of fanning their tail, probably to disturb insects into flight, has earned them the common name Cranky Fan.

Grey Fantails regularly migrate to the Australian mainland to spend the winter. They return to Tasmania to breed in September or October.

They build a beautiful neat cup-shaped nest that resembles a wine glass without a base.

They use grass, moss, strips of bark and other plant fibres and bind this material with spiders’ web.

They also uses cobweb to attach the nest to a horizontal branch of a small tree, shrub or treefern frond.

 Mike Moores