Flood Dampens Hoops

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Flood dampens hoops

AUGUST 2016 | Chere Kenyon

THE DELORAINE Junior Basketball Club (DJBC) runs an Aussie Hoops Program for 6 to 7 year olds to teach them ball skills, but recent floods and the closure of the Deloraine Community Complex courts has put a dampener on things.

The Deloraine courts where the Hoops Program is usually run were, unfortunately, closed down due to safety risks. The risks included slipping on the surface and inundation during the floods. This caused an issue called “cupping” which creates an uneven surface.

As the courts may be out of action for some time, DJBC will need to consider a change of venue.

DJBC is hoping that the program will be up and running again in early August and they are working hard to ensure that the full program runs in time for the finals on 20th August.

It is easier for senior programs to overcome these hurdles but much harder for juniors without adequate support.

Rachelle Holland, the Aussie Hoops Coordinator, runs the program with the help of volunteers, and they currently have approximately 25 students.

According to Rachelle, “The Hoops Program is an introduction to basketball for young children.  It teaches them some basic skills, to have fun, to get them involved in the game and give them a taste of what basketball is all about.”

Parents are welcome to, and quite often do, watch the program which consists of modified versions of the game of basketball.

Children who graduate from the Hoops Program generally go on to the Under 10 group where they begin to play actual games.

Any queries regarding the Hoops Program can be directed to Rachelle on 0419 319 043.

Mike Moores