Foxy ladies providing beds

Foxy Ladies providing beds


ROTARY CLUB Deloraine held a Foxy Ladies High Tea fundraiser on 12th August.  Ladies were encouraged to wear furs and to parade and give the history behind their fur.  It was a very successful afternoon, with the patrons getting into the theme and it was good to see some gentlemen attending as well.

Patrons enjoyed delicious high tea fare with champagne, wine, tea and coffee.  They were entertained by Roy Axelsen on the piano and jazz items were performed by Pat Wood’s son Ben and his musician companion.

The High Tea was held to raise funds to purchase a second Hi Low bed for Deloraine Hospital.  With the assistance of a grant through the Bendigo Community Bank, Rotary Deloraine is now in the process of purchasing the bed.

Earlier this year, the Rotary Club had made the decision to buy the first Linet Image 3 bed. This is a universal bed with excellent design features.  It is ideal for patients who are at a high risk of falls, due to cognitive impairment following a stroke or who have dementia or delirium.

The bed can be adjusted to just 28cm above the floor, which significantly reduces the risk of falls from bed, especially at night.  The bed also features a specially designed frame to reduce pressure in the pelvic and sacral area when using the sitting position.

Staff are very happy with the bed’s performance and features, and patients have also been very satisfied with the bed.

 Mike Moores