Hosing down the competition

Hosing down the competition

NOVEMBER 2017 | David Claridge

THE NORTH West junior fire competitions have been won by a team from Meander Fire Brigade.

By getting placings in each of their events they were awarded the aggregate trophy.

Meander Brigade Member, Grant Flowers, explained how they enter a team or two in the comps each year.

“We run our junior fire brigade monthly, we’ve got about 10 junior members,” he said.

“During the year we try and think of a few good fun things for them to do. People might have things they want burned so we use them as a junior training exercise. Then they light them up under supervision.”

This year’s comp was run at St Leonards Primary. Their six member team had to rotate one person out each time because only five juniors are allowed for each event.

The team got silver in fireman’s football, a bronze medal in the tanker rescue and a bronze in the dutch roll. In a sealed event, a twister-fire hybrid game they got gold, making them overall winners.

“Our junior program has been really good for our brigade. We’ve been doing it now for some 15 years. Six juniors have carried on into our senior ranks.

“Because they come out of the juniors they are so well trained, they don’t take much training for proper firefighting,” said Grant.

Mike Moores