Invitation to artists


Invitation to artists

April 2016

“Rose Coloured Glasses” oil painting by Sarah Weaver, Curator of OVERLO

HAEMOCHROMATOSIS 2016 Awareness Week runs from 6th to 15th August.

The annual Art Exhibition “OVERLOAD” opens on 29th July at the Deloraine Hospital Gallery.

The exhibition will raise funds for Haemochromatosis Australia, an organisation raising awareness of the blood condition arising from organs overloaded with iron.

This inheritable genetic disorder causes serious health issues if undiagnosed.

The curators are calling for works of any medium, provided they can be hung and come with an iron overload theme.

30% of the proceeds of sold works will go to the non-profit organisation Haemochromatosis Australia (visit

Artists wishing to contribute such artworks are asked to contact Sheila Stevenson by email: stevos.bjs@bigpond. com or landline on 03 6393 7111 or via mobile on 0428 576 795.

All artworks will need to be delivered to Deloraine Hospital’s Reception by 27th July.