Melodies in the Marsh

Melodies in the Marsh

January 2016 | David Claridge

A NEW, unique event is coming to Jackeys Marsh, ‘Marshmelody’, a solar powered music and arts festival to be held from 23rd to 25th January.

From the website: ‘In the picturesque valley of Jackeys Marsh, beneath the Great Western Tiers, Marshmelody is a sustainable, solar powered music and arts festival for the whole family, showcasing wild, original entertainment, fresh local and organic produce and outstanding boutique Tasmanian beverages.

A great range of Tasmanian and interstate talent will be performing, including Clare Bowditch, Jeff Lang, as well as circus and cabaret performers and the Amazing Drumming Monkeys for the kids.’

Event Co-Director Rory Cadman has been busy preparing the event.

“The focus is on sustainability in all aspects of the festival.” Mr Cadman said.

“So we are removing generators and replacing them with a solar power array and battery bank system. Also eliminating waste by using reusable bar cups, plates and eating utensils, as well as not selling anything in cans or bottles.”

“We also want to focus on families. Aside from a music festival we are also a family festival, there will be lots of activities, lots of shows and interactive things they can do,” he said.

Marshmelody is taking over from the Jackeys Marsh Forest Festival held in recent years, a community festival that was run as an environmental campaigning event.

“We want to continue to run a festival, but just focus on the music while sticking with the environmental integrity of doing it as sustainably as possible.”

“We will have an all Tasmanian bar, with local beer, wine and spirits, and non-alcohol options. Same with the food – local, fresh, organic, Tasmanian.”

“Jackeys Marsh is completely surrounded by mountains, forest, world heritage area, isolated from mobile reception, electricity and we’re doing something unique which ties in with that landscape.”

Camping is included in the cost and people have theoption of arriving early onFriday the 23rd of January.

Tickets are for sale on the website marshmelodyfestival.