Men of Meander sing at Chudleigh Hall

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January 2016 

GRAB YOUR chance to see ‘Meander Men’ sing at the Chudleigh Hall on 22nd of January as part of the Australia wide ‘Festival of Small Halls’.

All talented musicians in their own right, ‘Meander Men’ came together around ten years ago to encourage boys at Meander Primary School to sing.

As in many schools, a reluctance to sing was prevalent amongst boys. Meander Men served to make singing cool for boys at school.

Boys from the school even began participating in singing festivals in Hobart.

 Meander Men has stayed loosely together since then, with some members leaving and new ones joining.

Performances are rare but hearty, and offer the unique quality only a group of men singing together can provide.

The program will also feature ‘The East Pointers’ folk music exports from Canada, and Liz Stringer, nationally acclaimed singer and songwriter.

Council is subsidising this concert. $10.00 for 12 years and under; $15.00 for 13 years and over. Tickets are available at Council offices, Lyall St Westbury or online at