Operation Kenya

Operation Kenya

AUGUST 2017 | Emma Hodgkinson

AFTER SPENDING three years working a full-time nursing career in Launceston, Westbury woman Rhiannon Slaughter will spend her spare time volunteering in Kenya to help those who are far less fortunate than those lucky enough to be living in the beautiful Meander Valley. Rhiannon’s aim is to help those most vulnerable and at risk.

“When you’re younger, people ask what you hope to do when you’re older.  I’ve always wanted to make a career out of helping people,” Rhiannon said.

“I became a nurse with the intention of creating a positive impact on the world.”

She has been given the opportunity to participate in a four week nursing program in Rural Kenya later this year.  Thanks to the Nurses in Action Program, aided by World Youth International, Rhiannon can spend four weeks providing primary health services to those living in extreme poverty.  She will be conducting free medical checks, malaria treatment, and HIV testing and support. She will also be facilitating health and education classes.

To take part in her first-ever overseas volunteering experience, Rhiannon aims to raise $2,200 by the end of September.  The money will support the Nurses in Action program and will be used to support community development projects and deliver health services to the Odede Community Health Centre in Kenya.

There are 48.46 million people living in Kenya.  Approximately half of the population is living below the poverty line without access to food, shelter, clean water, or medical help.

To help Rhiannon get to Kenya, you can make a donation at the Westbury Service Station or visit http://secure.worldyouth.org.au/blog/posts/nia-1259

Rhiannon will be embarking on her journey on the 16th October.

 Mike Moores