Phoning for fire safety at Golden Valley

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January 2016 

EARLY THIS SUMMER in 2015, Suzette Harrison the Community Development Officer from Tasmania Fire Service held a community get-together in Golden Valley on Bush Fire Awareness and Preparedness.

A topic of discussion on the day was the establishment of a Community Phone Tree and a plan was initiated.

Suzette travelled from Burnie on numerous occasions throughout the year to guide Golden Valley residents as to how to put together and implement a Community Phone Tree.

After a plan was made, locals Jan McNally, Niecy Brown and Tony Deckers took on the job of door knocking every household in their area explaining to the residents the advantage of creating an early warning System.

“The response was overwhelming,” said Tony “

In early December the first trial of the phone tree was conducted. “Within the first 25 minutes over 70% of people were contacted,” Tony explained and added, “We know that we will never reach everyone on the list but in a situation of Fire Danger or local emergencies we now know we can contact almost everyone in our area within the hour.”

“This exercise has brought our local community together in spectacular ways. Many of us now know our neighbours better, and some we have never met. We have a common goal in helping each other protect our loved ones and property as well as assisting our neighbours too.”