Police report with Inspector Scott Flude

Police report with Inspector Scott Flude

JUNE 2015 | Inspector Scott Flude

DID YOU know that a program called ‘Ponyz 4 Kidz’ is run at the Westbury Primary School for this term every Tuesday by Tasmania Police?

The Program aims to engage children in an alternative learning environment as well as developing positive relationships between children and Police.

Two small ponies, usually  ‘Ginger Spice’ and ‘Cha Cha’, but occasionally others, are taken to the school and small groups of children have lessons throughout the day. The children learn about safety, how to brush, clean out feet and care for the ponies.

As the children’s confidence increases they are taught how to manouevre the ponies around, over, under and through different obstacles.

Ginger Spice is by far the overwhelming favourite pony! She is the “smallest, cutest, easiest to handle and the best at jumping high!” (From the students).

Ponies are wonderful tools at assisting to improve self esteem, confidence, patience and self discipline in people.

The kids at the school are always very enthusiastic to attend their pony classes and we are getting lots of positive feedback in relation to the benefits of the program.