Police report with Inspector Scott Flude

Police report with Inspector Scott Flude

JUNE 2015 | Inspector Scott Flude

AS WE ARE all aware, winter is well upon us in the valley and I would like to take this opportunity to remind our motorists to drive to the conditions.

We have had a number of incidents recently where cars have been travelling too quickly and have lost control on some icy patches.

Be careful, keep a good eye out and please drive appropriate to the weather conditions.

The fog, wet and ice will be around, I suspect, for another month or two.

Unfortunately, we have had another couple of incidents of firearms being specifically targeted from houses and, although I have mentioned this before, again I ask our firearm owners to be vigilant with the security of their guns.

As an aside to these stealing’s we always do an audit of the security in place in each case and do not want to be prosecuting law-abiding gun owners for not adhering to all legislation.