Police Report with Inspector Scott Flude

Police Report with Inspector Scott Flude


DURING THE past month Meander Valley crime has been low, which is pleasing to see.

Of note, though, is that we have had a small number of break-ins where the property has been left unsecured, which has allowed the offender/s easy access.

Examples of this have been a burglary of a house, 2 sheds, and a couple of cars. I again would just like to ask that people be vigilant with security, to deter any persons who may be looking for opportunities to commit crime.

Leaving property unsecured is sometimes just enough for some persons to proceed to stealing.

I think it would be nice for all to have a community that we’re able to go about business leaving places insecure and not having to lock your car in the street; however; sadly, this is not the case any more – even in our country communities.

Every member of the community must play a part in preventing crime wherever possible and we all must play a part in this process.

Our relationship with the community is excellent and I continue to remind everyone to keep up the good work in reporting things that sometimes just “don’t seem right”.

There is no such thing as bad information and we are keen to speak with anyone regarding things they see or any other issues they deem appropriate