Reverend Jo’s flock

Tina Brundle with Ellie from Launceston Blessing of the Pets Anglican Parish of Quamby

Reverend Jo's flock

NOVEMBER 2015 | Mike Moores

Tina Brundle of Launceston with her companion ‘Ellie’ sharing a moment of quiet contemplation at the annual ‘Blessing of the Pets’ service at St Andrews, Westbury

IF YOU WERE a pet, or pet owner, then St Andrew’s Anglican Church at Westbury was the place to be.

The annual ‘Blessing of the Pets’, under the guiding hand of the Reverend Jo Pycroft was well attended by pets and owners.

Following the prelude music, Puff the Magic Dragon, The Teddy Bears Picnic, and other well-chosen items, the service got underway.

All the pets were on their best behaviour, with not a growl or bark to be heard, except for Billy the lorikeet, who sang his little heart out in the rendition of ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’.

There was a touching moment when canine sisters met for the first time since being separated when puppies. It all happened quite by accident while sitting in the same pew, when their ‘mummies’ got into conversation. There was a very strong family likeness and after much wagging of tails and doggy smiles the service proceeded without interruption.

The Reverend Jo complimented the congregation on their impeccable behaviour, and after receiving a blessing, certificate and packet of biscuits, everyone went home.  But not before making a date to meet at the same time next year.

 Mike Moores