Rotary sponsors water safety for local kids

L to R Charlotte Wickham (9 yrs) of Meander and Clara Cunnigham (11 yrs) of Deloraine

Rotary sponsors water safety for local kids

February 2016

THE ROTARY Club of Deloraine’s “Learn to Swim” Programme ran for 10 days in January at the Deloraine Public Pool.

Almost 80 children aged 5 to 15 years and from beginners to advanced swimmers attended swimming and water safety classes under instructors Kali Bierens and Margaret Armour.

This programme has been running for more than 35 years as part of the Club’s free community service for children of the Deloraine and District areas, given its dams on rural properties and a river running through pass the Deloraine township.

It aims to help them avoid death by drowning, which The World Health Organization’s 2014 report states is among the ten leading causes of children and young people dying.

Moreover, the Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2015 indicates that of the 291 people drowned in Australian waterways, nine occurred in Tasmania, while 99 happened in inland waterways, 72 in rivers, creeks and streams, and 27in dams and lagoons.

This report also finds that many Australians are surprised to hear that these various natural pools and moving waters are a leading location for drowning.

Therefore, it also stresses the need to increase the focus on prevention in regional areas, along major rivers and in remote Australia.

Kali Bierens says, “Here in Deloraine, we are fortunate to have a club like Rotary who cares about its young people, their families and their future.”

And the Club’s ‘Learn to Swim’ programme is so highly valued, it has spread far and wide. Children who participated this year came from as far afield as Kimberley, Elizabeth Town, Mole Creek, Meander, Golden Valley, Reedy Marsh, Westbury, Whitemore, Bracknell, Hagley, Carrick, Hadspen and Deloraine.

Given its popularity, it is one the Club continues to provide, ensuring local families keep access to free swimming and water safety education.


 Mike Moores