Small hall, Big impact

East Pointers (Canada) Play Festival of Small Halls Chudleigh 2016

Small hall, Big impact

February 2016

DESPITE THE thick blanket of smoke that covered the valley, Chudleigh Hall was filled to capacity for the ‘Festival of Small Halls’ performance.

Dancing and toe tapping were the order of the evening.

Organisers commented that the Meander Men were one of the best support acts they had seen around the country.

Jane Lamont from the Chudleigh Hall Committee commented in a letter thanking council for their participation in organising the event.

“Our little community being under siege for nearly a week and inundated and virtually ‘taken over’ by strangers was dispirited, anxious, dog tired and in no mood for this event. It appeared to be just another thing we didn’t need right at that moment.”

Jane went on to add, “What eventuated was that it was EXACTLY what we DID need!

“The hall looked amazing and we burst with pride. It sounded amazing and we congratulated each other.

“The crowds were tremendous and we patted each other on the back.

“The concert was a HUGE success and we felt our spirits lift and our morale soar as we stomped, clapped, yahoo’d and danced with each other.”


 Mike Moores