Stepping out in Style

Karole Brown from Quamby Shoes

Stepping out in Style

JULY 2015 | Joanne Eisemann

MEANDER VALLEY once again has a shop dedicated to footwear.

Quamby Shoes opened in Emu Bay Road, Deloraine in early June and the number of customers is already exceeding expectations; even though Manager Karol Brown says, ”It’s a funny time of year to open.”

A footwear veteran, Karol worked fourteen years for Faull’s Shoes in Launceston before taking on this venture.

The store owner is her partner Rex Mansfield. He fitted out the shop with its simple, elegant décor while her focus in stocking the store is “Nothing over the top. Just everyday comfort shoes (and) stylish good quality”.

All the merchandise is leather and leather-lined, with brands such as Planet Shoes, Django & Juilette, Effegie, Merrell and EOS.

The selection also includes Cabello Comfort; shoes that allow the inner sole to be removed so that orthotics can be fitted.

“I chose the range because I know them, I’ve worn them. These brands receive good feedback. Plus, I’ve fitted them for a lot of years,” shares Karol. “People get personal attention in a shop like this that they might not get in larger shops. (It means) they have the experience of being fitted rather than having to fit themselves.”

“It’s nice to be able to sit down with the person while you are fitting the shoe and get to know them. Sometimes (this takes) half an hour with a customer trying on five or so shoe types,” she adds.

The collection offered is mostly for women but includes a small men’s and children’s range.

Prices start at $49.95 in the children’s section, with $219.95 being the top-priced pair in the women’s footwear.

Living in Launceston, Karol says she enjoys travelling to open the shop each day, for “it is a nice drive with good think time”.

One thing that has surprised her is how busy Deloraine is, adding, “I can’t believe the traffic (that) goes through Deloraine during the day. The locals come in and introduce themselves. A lot pop in and say ‘hello’ every day. It’s a lovely community.”

The venture began with Karol’s desire “to get out and do something, rather than working for someone else.” When this opportunity presented itself, she went for it.

She says her shoe shop has a good location and a lot of people in its neighbourhood had expressed to her an interest in having one in the area.

She says, “People have been telling me ‘you should give it a go’. It was all positive.”

 Mike Moores