Three roses for Four Roses

Jan Atkins Lexie Young Sandra Atkins

Three roses for Four Roses

February 2016

TASMANIAN FLOUR company ‘Four Roses’ took a new tack in advertising when it engaged three Meander Valley women in its latest advertising campaign.

The ladies: Jan Atkins, Lexie Young and Sandra Atkins are all life members of Deloraine Show Society and all keen cooks.

The ad was filmed in the old domestic science room at Deloraine High School.

“They wanted to use my kitchen but couldn’t fit the cameras in,” says Lexie.

“We took all our own stuff to the filming because we didn’t know what was there,” shares Sandra.

No script was used, just the premise of three ladies getting together for an afternoons baking and the conversations they have.

The ad has been so popular they decided to make one for radio just two days before Christmas.

“We had a bit of trouble with that,” says Jan, “the doorbell rang, then the birds were too loud and a wasp got in.”

Feedback they have received has been overwhelmingly positive.

“People that don’t normally watch ads are enjoying it,” explains Sandra.

Jan says that she now sometimes gets her shopping basket scrutinised to see what type of flour she is buying.

She has also received comments like “My word, that is a good ad!”


 Mike Moores