Toddlers and vegies grow together

Toddlers and vegies grow together

JANUARY 2018 | David Claridge

GOODSTART PROSPECT Vale is reaping the benefits of some hard labour outdoors.

Mayor Craig Perkins came along to inspect the progress of a recently planted fruit and vegetable garden that is helping the children to learn aboutwhere their food comes from while providing them with healthy snacks.

Natasha Jarman from Goodstart explained how they received a grant to make it happen.

“The vision behind applying for the grant was that the children, their families and the wider community can be involved in the garden we would create,” she said.

Also with Goodstart, Tamika White, said that they started growing seeds in the rooms with the children in September and they helped to sow and water the seeds.

“In October we were able to plant the seeds in our little garden and now we’re just starting to harvest, So far we have got some small carrots and lettuce,” said Ms White

“The children love being able to pull things out of the ground and eat them right away, getting instant gratification and having something to eat. They are really patient because they have been involved in the process and got a nice sense of ‘we did this’, so it is really good.”

Tasmanian Celebrity chef, Ben Milbourne and wife Sally are working with Goodstart centres in Tasmania to help create food literate communities, how to teach families about healthy food choices and they will be working with centre cooks to create healthy menus.

 Mike Moores

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