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A fast and furious final

Sport, FeatureJoanne Eisemann
bracknell contends grand final2018cropped.jpg

October 2018

Bracknell Seniors made the finals this year and played South Launceston at Windsor Park. In the first quarter Bracknell stormed onto the field and were all over the opposition like a cheap suit.

The play was fast and aggressive not giving Launceston time to settle. South Launceston must have received a severe pep talk because the second quarter saw them come out firing on all cylinders and soon wiped out Bracknell’s lead and went on to establish a comfortable lead by the end of the quarter and were never headed.

Congratulations to Bracknell Reserves who also played South Launceston in the Grand Final and took out the premiership with a 20 point margin

Photo | Mike Moores