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Flushed with success

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Sharman Lewis, Guy Barnett MP and Kaylene Aylett (President).

Sharman Lewis, Guy Barnett MP and Kaylene Aylett (President).

Photo and Story | Haley Manning

THE PARKHAM Community Centre’s new amenities block was formally opened by the Hon Guy Barnett at a Back to Parkham open day on 16th September. Mr Barnett told the delighted crowd of locals and supporters enjoying the afternoon sun, this was his second official toilet block opening.

“Parkham is a special part of the world steeped in heritage and history. It’s all about maintaining, supporting and giving back to the community.”

The Parkham Community Inc. Committee, including ammenties block grant applicant, Treasurer Deb Morice, and other volunteers have collaborated to retain their hall and church at the heart of the community.