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Hall, heart of Mole Creek

NewsJoanne Eisemann

November 2018 | Lynne Staff

MOLE CREEK Memorial Hall is the largest community hall in the Meander Valley. A memorial to those who died or served in World War 2, it was dedicated on 25th October, 1947. In its heyday, the Hall was the heart of Mole Creek, with family gatherings a weekly event. Ken Philpott and Ross Quick, two of the many Mole Creek community members responsible for the hall refurbishment, both expressed a desire to see the Hall become the heart once again.

Six years ago, when Ken Philpott became President of the Mole Creek Memorial Hall Committee, the Hall was used for funerals and not much else. Today, the Hall boasts a fresh coat of paint, beautifully polished wooden floors, improved kitchen facilities, a comprehensive audiovisual system, public-address system and wi-fi facilities set up by Ross.

Using generously donated timber, an enormous mobile data projection screen was built by Ken. Community feedback indicated that the Hall needed major work to be equipped to meet the future needs of Mole Creek. Mole Creek Market assisted the Committee in raising funds. Local people and businesses provided additional donations or goods. Ken emphasised how generous the donations were.

A successful grant application to Meander Valley Council covered approximately two thirds of the overall cost, with the remaining third financed through the Committee. The Hall is now the chosen venue for weddings and birthdays, with the thriving local market held twice each month. Film nights are sponsored every month, complete with popcorn and lollies. “Just like a good old-fashioned theatre … kids everywhere and they love it!”, says Ken. Seventy people attended the Peter Rabbit film night. Ross said it was very satisfying to see so many families enjoying themselves. Post-refurbishment, Ken’s vision is for the Hall to be used for all sorts of events.

A perfect example is the 30th Anniversary of the Tasmanian Mountain Hut Preservation Society, at which 250-300 people were expected. Increasing possibilities include business training and concerts, and the Hall is now part of the Small Halls Tour, where mainland bands play in small halls around Tasmania. Things are happening in Mole Creek. Ken Philpott stressed that although the refurbishment will take time, he and Ross are happy about that.

The Hall and other community plans and projects are keeping the town alive, doing things for the community and encouraging tourism. For Mole Creek Memorial Hall bookings and enquiries, contact Maree Martin on 6363 1217