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Little laneway, big audience

EventsJoanne Eisemann

November 2018 | Pearl Maya

THE LITTLE Laneway Fringe Festival was back with a bang over the long weekend. Featuring local artists, as well as some that had travelled as from as far as Hobart, the audience was treated to a wide range of talent from various forms of music through to storytelling, even burlesque.

“It was a great weekend of entertainment,” said program organiser Kate Jeffree, “and we are so pleased that not only the performers gave us their best, but the crowds were there to support them.”

The crowds were a mixture of locals and visitors alike with some coming for whole days, and others stopping in between Craft Fair activities, or to see favorite performers. “I really would like to thank all of those who helped make the Festival a success, especially those who volunteered their time. Like many events that happen in our town, it wouldn’t have been possible without those who give freely of their time,” continued Ms Jeffree.

“In addition, major sponsors Alfred and Isabel from Seppenfelts and Mark and Amanda from the Empire Hotel also need a big thank you.” The organising committee are hoping that the Little Laneway Fringe Festival will now become a bi-annual event with one event held over the Easter weekend and the other on the Craft Fair weekend of each year.