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Touché, mon ami!

SportJoanne Eisemann
Tiffany Barnett of Prima Spada in a renaissance-style fencing bout.

Tiffany Barnett of Prima Spada in a renaissance-style fencing bout.

THE ART of swordplay is not some antiquated activity from old history books or restricted to Olympic fencers dressed in white, fighting desperately for a point. In recent years, historic fencing clubs, re-enactment groups, and historic competition leagues have sprung up worldwide.

Fencing master Keith Beattie founded Prima Spada School of Fence in June 1995, as an historic fencing school, firstly in Queensland. Keith has now set up in Deloraine, where he hopes to capture the imagination and passion of local sword enthusiasts and wouldbe musketeers.

Prima Spada tuition is available to students from 14 years to mature, beginners to advanced. Keith promotes the study of fencing by offering a variety of options including Historic European Swordplay and Modern (non-electric) Recreational Fencing. Tuition includes combinations such as Rapier and Companion Weapons, Side Sword, Sword and Buckler, French Small Sword and Two-Hand Sword. Modern fencing tuition in Foil, Epee and Sabre (recreational fencing) is also offered. Prima Spada is unique in variety and expertise.

Students learn specialised swordplay for the experience of modern sport from an ancient art. Lessons are supervised and controlled in a safe and professional environment using Australian Sports Coaching principles. Qualified instructors are accredited by the Australian Academy of Fencing. Prima Spada classes are held Monday evenings at Deloraine Performing Arts Hall. Call Keith Beattie on 0407 642 937, enquiries@

Photo | Simon Boman