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Calendar Girl does it again

Arts and ReviewsJoanne Eisemann

MEANDER VALLEY resident Leanne Osmond ‘freezes’ out the competition - again!

The Bureau of Meteorology has produced Australia’s best-selling weather calendar the ‘Australian Weather Calendar’, for over 30 years. It contains thirteen carefully selected photographs from all corners of Australia, each capturing an authentic and breathtaking weather experience, and it hangs on the walls of around 70,000 homes and offiœces across Australia and around the world.

The Bureau of Meteorology received over 900 entries for their 2019 ‘Australian Weather Calendar’, and Meander Valley resident Leanne Osmond of Leeo Photography was chosen as one of the ‘lucky’ thirteen finalists. Her photograph Icicles at Liffey is the featured image for the month of December.

This is not the first time she has made it into the calendar. Her image Frozen Spiderweb in St Marys was chosen for the 2017 calendar.

Leanne moved to the Meander Valley in 2015 from South Australia and has been photographing the beautiful scenery of Tasmania ever since. She is an active member of the Mole Creek Photographic & Visual Arts Group, and was the inaugural artist to be exhibited at the Deloraine Online Centre’s Pixels Digital Gallery.

Leanne’s latest exhibition at Pixels is entitled Tasmanian Treasures. Leanne’s image in the 2019 Australian Weather Calendar was taken in June 2016 on the Highland Lakes Road.

View a selection of Leanne’s photos including Icicles at Liffey at Pixel’s in Deloraine during the month of December. All prints on show are available for purchase. Or for a larger selection head to

‘Icicles at Liffey’ by Leanne Osmond.

‘Icicles at Liffey’ by Leanne Osmond.