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Sahara hones her Repertoire

SportJoanne Eisemann
Sahara Rumble is heading interstate to compete with her warmblood, Repertoire

Sahara Rumble is heading interstate to compete with her warmblood, Repertoire

SEPTEMBER 2018 | David Claridge

MEANDER VALLEY teenager Sahara Rumble has been riding horses since she could walk. Now, at age 13, she will be able to show her skills at a national level.

The National Equestrian Interschools Championships take place every year in a different state of Australia. This year, they are being held in October at the National Equestrian Centre in Werribee, Victoria.

Over five hundred riders will be competing in a number of disciplines including eventing, show jumping, dressage and show horse.

Travelling with other Tasmanian riders and trainers, Sahara will be competing in the dressage on her warmblood mare, Repertoire, who was born on their farm near Deloraine.

“My Mum taught me how to ride from the time I could walk. She has ridden all her life and has passed on her love of horses to me. Mum and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa bought me my first pony, called Tilly, when I was two.”

“This is super exciting being my first time to go and I feel honoured to be representing my school, Launceston Grammar, the Meander Valley and the state of Tasmania.”

In the leadup to the event, Sahara has had to put a lot of work into her routine and, most importantly, her horse.

“It has been a very wet winter, so it has been tricky to train. I have been training at the Violet Banks Indoor Arena near Westbury and at home when it is not raining between five and six times a week. “

“Preparation for this event is quite complicated and expensive. My horse is currently wearing four rugs and she is put under lights in a stable every night to try to trick her body into shedding her winter coat early. She is also getting magnesium in her feed, probiotics and other vitamins and minerals so she is in optimum condition. She even gets massages to relieve her hamstrings.”

“My horse will have to stand for a long time on our float without food or water for the Bass Straight crossing on the Spirit of Tasmania. I‘m currently making a playlist of my favourite songs to keep her relaxed while travelling. We also have a horse toy we will hang in the float covered in molasses to keep her from getting bored.”

Sahara would like to thank the Meander Valley Council, Deloraine and Districts Community Bank and members of the Meander Valley community for their financial support, Deloraine District Pony Club, her coach Amanda Cameron and her family for their support.

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