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Out of the pencil box

Arts and ReviewsJoanne Eisemann
New resident of Meander Valley, Leonie Myer, at work in her studio

New resident of Meander Valley, Leonie Myer, at work in her studio


WHEN YOU first see the artwork of local artist Leonie Myer, you could be forgiven for thinking you are looking at a painting. Look closer and you realise that her detailed realism is created by humble coloured pencils.

Since arriving from Queensland a few months ago, Leonie has been inspired by Meander Valley’s abundant wildlife - a theme that will soon be making its presence felt through her art.

“I have been creating realism with coloured pencils for about 17 years and find them to be an amazingly versatile and portable medium,” Leonie said.

Leonie has spent years refining her technique and now produces artwork with such accuracy that it really does make you look twice.

“It can take over a hundred hours to produce a large artwork, blending and layering colour a section at a time to create a natural and life-like piece,” Leonie said.

Birds are one of Leonie’s favourite subjects and she has discovered such an abundant diversity in Meander Valley.

“Coloured pencils are not often associated with fine art and it’s time that perception was challenged. I have spent the last 8 years teaching coloured pencil techniques, sharing my skills and my passion for this humble medium and it has been very rewarding,” Leonie said.

Leonie’s art can be viewed at Deloraine Creative Studios where she has settled into her new workspace. For those that wish to learn more about creating a coloured pencil masterpiece, Leonie is holding an Introduction to Creating Realism with Coloured Pencil Workshop on Saturday 3rd November. All materials are supplied. For bookings phone 0408 010 188 or visit Deloraine Creative Studios.

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