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Deloraine in line for a new sport

SportJoanne Eisemann
Skater Peter Ashton promoting his lifelong Sport of ‘Inline Hockey’.

Skater Peter Ashton promoting his lifelong Sport of ‘Inline Hockey’.

PETER ASHTON IS keen to introduce the sport of Inline Hockey to the Meander Valley – an activity he has enjoyed for over 50 years, including 20 years as an Ice Hockey player. According to Wikipedia, ‘Inline skating is a multi-disciplinary sport that refers to a number of activities practiced using Inline skates.

The skates typically have two to five polyurethane wheels, arranged in a single line by a metal or plastic frame on the underside of a boot. The in-line design allows for greater speed and maneu - verability than traditional (or “quad”) roller skates.’ Following a recent risk management review by Meander Valley Council, it was found that Peter’s old Friday evening skating sessions at Deloraine could no longer be held until new arrangements were made.

With suitable insurance now sourced, skating activities will re-commence in Deloraine at the MVPAC Stadium and at Westbury Sports Centre. Meander Valley Skating Club will hold its inaugural meeting at the Meander Valley Performing Arts Centre Stadium in Deloraine on Friday 8th February, 2019, from 6.00pm to 7.30pm. The formation of an unincorporated club will be proposed at the meeting and prospective Inline Hockey players, aged 6 to adult, can also attend to express their interest.

For all inquiries, including registering interest in joining the Club and to receive a copy of the meeting agenda, proposed Constitution and proposed club rules, contact Peter Ashton on 0409 234 061 or by email at