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Flying the flag

RuralJoanne Eisemann
Peter Jago pictured with his design for the Australian flag

Peter Jago pictured with his design for the Australian flag

PETER JAGO IS a patriotic Australian who loves our country, loves our flag and loves to celebrate Australia Day. That does not mean, however, he thinks there is no room for improvement.

“The flag should represent who you are. We’re a different country from what we were. The Union Jack takes up one quarter of the flag, and we’re a multicultural nation, so it’s not as important as it used to be,” explains Peter.

While waiting for the groundswell of opinion to catch up with his desire to modernise our flag and choose a neutral Australia Day rather than the contentious anniversary of colonial settlement, Peter flies his own elaborate flag design in the front window of his house. “With the flag,” says Peter, I’ve been interested in it over the years. Just getting people’s opinions and seeing what we could put on it.”

After much consideration, Peter has melded colourful sporting symbols, social and cultural icons, native fauna and flora with the Southern Cross, Union Jack and Aboriginal flag. “This is a long journey. You don’t change the 26th of January quickly. You don’t change the flag just like that. We won’t see much change in our lifetime,” reflects Peter then finishes enthusiastically, “Australia is now a nation of diversity. Let us raise a modern Australian Flag on a modern Australia Day.”