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The hot colours of high summer

Meander StyleJoanne Eisemann
The metre high Coreopsis grandiflora; common name ‘Tickseed’

The metre high Coreopsis grandiflora; common name ‘Tickseed’

January 2019 | In the garden with Nell Carr

GARDEN WRITERS are spoiled for choice for subjects at this time of year with so many perennials in their full summer regalia. The metre high yellow Coreopsis grandiflora (Tickseed) is amongst the most conspicuous of the smaller perennials.

There are smaller varieties, such as the pink C.rosea, but this has shown to be more temperamental, and has not survived for very long. C.grandiflora self seeds readily, filling a bed with masses of colour in December and January. Alternatively, in winter, plants which have grown too clumpy may be divided after cutting back, and spread around. The picture was taken at the end of December.

In the vegie garden Tomatoes are the most prolifically grown vegetables in our state. One local retailer said they had 20,000 plants for sale - no doubt some gardeners bought a second supply to replace those killed by the early November frosts.

When the first fruit begin to develop, a tablespoon of mixed fertiliser spread around the roots, and watered in every five or six weeks will give them a boost - avoid watering the foliage. A thick mulch of straw will keep the soil moist and keep the weeds down.