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February 2019 | David Claridge

FARMERS ARE important to the booming economics of Meander Valley. Yet, for their neighbours or people moving near to farms, some may not understand their rights and responsibilities.

A new campaign by the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) called ‘Living next door to a farmer’ hopes to change that and help build good relationships between farmers and their neighbours.

A $100,000 boost to the TFGA by the Government over three years aims to improve neighbours’ understandings of farming activities and clearly outline everyone’s rights and responsibilities.

A media release supplied by the government claims that “A comprehensive information package and communications program developed by the TFGA will inform those from a non-farming background neighbouring farmland about essential farming activities and practices, as well as respective responsibilities of farmers and neighbours.”

“It aims to reduce the likelihood of land use conflict in rural areas through awareness raising and new information tools to prepare newcomers for the realities of rural life.”

This campaign is part of the Agrifood Plan enacted by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment which aims to build the state-wide value of agriculture to $10 billion per year by 2050. It will do that by helping farmers be competitive and give them certainty and the confidence to get on with business.

Photo | Mike Moores

Photo | Mike Moores