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Becoming dementia friendly

EventsJoanne Eisemann

March 2019 | Wendy Laing

A FAMILY information and support session on an introduction to dementia, causes, symptoms and typical changes that may occur, was held in February at Deloraine House. Also discussed was the availability of support services in northern Tasmania and Dementia Friendly Communities.

Ms Kim Curley, a Dementia Advisor based in Launceston, told of an estimated four hundred and thirty-six thousand Australians living with dementia. This not only impacts on individuals with the condition but also family and friends who provide support and care.

“Dementia is not a normal part of ageing,” Kim said, “and no two people are affected in the same way.”

The word Dementia is the umbrella term used to describe a collection of symptoms which cause changes in memory, thinking and behaviour of the brain.

Services provided by the Tasmanian Division of Dementia Australia include counselling with practical and emotional support, education and training to increase understanding and awareness, and living with memory loss programs.

As a family member, friend, neighbour or co-worker you can increase your awareness of the impacts caused by dementia and make a person coping with dementia feel accepted, safe, included and involved. Further details about dementia friendly communities can be found at

The national helpline, 1800 100 500, is a free and confidential service where you can chat with caring and experienced professionals about dementia and memory loss concerns you may have for yourself or others. The Launceston branch of Dementia Australia can discuss aspects of care regarding diagnosis and treatment.

To contact Kim Curley phone 6325 4688 or email