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Putting on a great Show

NewsJoanne Eisemann

LARGELY OUT of sight of the majority of residents, the Westbury Showgrounds can be found at the northern end of Westbury. The Showgrounds are under the ownership of the Westbury Agricultural Society Inc. – a volunteer committee dedicated to running the very successful Westbury Show (now in its 156th year) as well as providing a venue for many other events.

The Showgrounds are home to horse shows, dog shows, horse training, dog training and are a venue for various community group fundraisers. Five local community groups are also provided with storage facilities for their equipment.

As with all committees, W.A.S.I. is always looking for new people to join and bring fresh ideas. In particular, they are now looking for a new secretary, as the current secretary is looking to step down after five years of excellent administration.

With many new people moving to Westbury, the committee hopes to make them aware of W.A.S.I. and the benefit it is to the community. “It is a great feeling seeing the many smiling faces at the show, or a hundred horses using the arena, or hundreds of well-groomed dogs strut - ting around the dog arena, knowing you are part of the organisation of these events.”

If anyone would be inter - ested in joining the W.A.S.I. committee, please contact President Kevin Lattin on 0417 104 520, or Secretary Shan - non Barwick on 0438 636 149. They would be very pleased to hear from you.