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Some of our passionate politicians

EventsJoanne Eisemann

THE GAZETTE asked the following question of those politicians contesting the seat of Lyons or standing for the Senate in Tasmania.

As a candidate in the 2019 Federal Election, what one thing are you most passionate about achieving if elected?

Our mail-out to prospective representatives did not get as many responses as we had hoped. We would like to thank those who took the time to respond, even during a busy campaign.

One response was from a candidate who has since been disendorsed and has stepped back from their candidature. This response has been removed.


Justin Stringer, ACP

I WOULD like to address cost of living and put Australians first again.

Freeze politicians’ pay until the country is back on track, we can also cut some post politician entitlements.

Every decision must be made in the best interest of our country to protect its culture, sovereignty, and economy.

I intend to fight against foreign ownership, commit to farmers instead of foreign aid, discontinue commitments to the UN, leave the Paris agreement and focus on Australian services and infrastructure.

Simplifying the tax system, cutting red & green tape in order to create new jobs and opportunities.

I am a father of two young children, I’m against the safe schools program and any indoctrination of our children.

We want to address power prices, lifting ban on nuclear, actually make use of our resources instead of just shipping them overseas, pay off the national debt and secure our future.


Catryna Bilyk, ALP

AS A cancer survivor, co-chair of Parliament’s Brain Cancer and Tumour Awareness Group, former chair of the Senate Select Committee into Funding for Research into Cancers with Low Survival Rates and a Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Ambassador, I have been a longstanding advocate for more investment in cancer care and research.

My personal experience with cancer, and my advocacy as a Senator for cancer patients and their families, have given me an appreciation for the physical, financial and emotional struggles that Australians with cancer face.

For this reason I am passionate about seeing the implementation of Labor’s $2.3 billion Medicare Cancer Plan, which will deliver millions of free consultations and scans as well as cheaper medicines for cancer patients. This Plan will dramatically reduce out of pocket costs for cancer patients in Meander Valley, and throughout Australia, so that they can focus on getting well without going broke.


Matthew Stephen, One Nation

IN MY heart you’ll find a rock-hard will to make Tasmania a better place for families. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all from Tassie. '

And I’ve had the privilege of growing up with sweet memories of greeting my exhausted Grandad returning home from work at the Paper Mill, watching Grandma serve customers in their Burnie café and picking wild blackberries near Great-Grandma’s home at Round Hill.

I’d like my children to have memories as good as I do – spending time with family growing up in Tassie.

And in order to do that we have to look after our pensioners, workers, families and small business – with policies that will protect them from unfair taxes, while helping them do business, work, thrive and flourish.

I’ve got a good chance of achieving my passion – because I’m part of a team who’s likely to hold the balance of power in Canberra with a strong One Nation Senate voting block.


Brian Mitchell, ALP

I’M MOST passionate about improving access to services and rebuilding our regional communities.

The number one issue across Lyons is access to healthcare, the second is the rising cost of living.

Decisions by past governments to centralise, automate and cut community services has a lot to do with the issues we face today.

Too many towns have been stripped of state and federal government services in the name of efficiency and the budget bottom line.

Centrelink, Medicare, health workers, police, teachers – the list is endless of service jobs that no longer exist across country Tasmania.

Addressing this is not a matter of turning back the clock, it’s a matter of recognising that communities are healthier when they have local access to services, and that some of the issues our communities face today are a result of them being hollowed out.

So that’s what I’m passionate about. Rebuilding our regions. And that’s what I’ll continue to work hard to achieve.