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TasCOSS election priority wish list

CommunityJoanne Eisemann

THE TASMANIAN Council of Social Services has a wish list of election priorities:

  • a secure, affordable home for everybody

  • quality health and community services for all in need

  • income support for tough times.

TasCOSS calls on the next government to waive Tasmania’s housing debt so that investment can be made in affordable housing.

Tasmania still owes about $188 million, over $7 million being interest re-repayment.

TasCOSS also recommends doubling the number of adults eligible for public dental services. More than 10% of Tasmanians report delaying or not seeing a dentist due to cost. Tasmania has the second-lowest rate of dentists in the country, after the NT.

TasCOSS also calls on the next Federal Government to raise the rate of Newstart by $75.00 a week.

One-quarter of Tasmania’s population lives in poverty. Lifting payments to jobseekers, single parent families and students would assist thousands of Tasmanians to cover basic living costs and lead to improved lives across the state.