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Telstra tower approval at Blackstone Heights

NewsJoanne Eisemann

By David Claridge

THERE HAS been a development with the process of a Telstra tower being built in Zenith Court, Blackstone

Heights. Since the Meander Valley Council rejected the proposal by Telstra it has been appealed and is now before the Resource Management and Appeals Tribunal.

In a media release from the Meander Valley Council, the council held a meeting and decided to support the approval of the tower being built.

Mayor of Meander Valley, Wayne Johnston spoke for the council to explain their decision change was due to new information coming available during the appeals process.

‘Council have decided not to be a part of the appeals process anymore, as a planning authority we can’t contest it.

‘The new information which we had been waiting for from Telstra since the beginning was about the community benefit of having the tower in Blackstone, now it has been produced our hands are tied.’

‘We all live in our own towns, the petition and the arguments of the neighbouring land owners were all relevant, but when we act as a planning authority you are not supposed to take certain things into account which is hard when you are trying to act on the good of everyone.’

The council stated that it was a ‘difficult decision’ and that some residents will be ‘extremely disappointed’.

Many residents have disapproved of the tower’s proposed location due its proximity to houses, possible health issues, affecting future sale prices and being an eye sore.

Council’s initial rejection was based on strong community feedback and lack of due diligence on Telstra’s part.