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Big sound for Little Theatre

Arts and ReviewsJoanne Eisemann
A Sound House technician formatting the new sound system at the Little Theatre in Deloraine.  Photo supplied

A Sound House technician formatting the new sound system at the Little Theatre in Deloraine.

Photo supplied

AT THE Western Tiers Film Society April screening, the Little Theatre Cinema was filled with the surround sound of the new $40,000 sound system, recently installed to address difficulties that the Society has experienced since setting up in 2014.

With the previous system, audiences struggled to hear some of the more rapid dialogue. The partial solution of using sub-titles was helpful to those with hearing difficulties, but sometimes took away from delicate moments portrayed on screen.

Installing a more complex sound system was expensive, so WTFS Secretary Deb White looked to local funding bodies for support and was successful in obtaining major sponsorship from the Deloraine and Districts Community Bank.

WTFS also received generous contributions from the Rotary Pratt Foundation and the Meander Valley Council, who provided a Community Grant and in-kind support with electrical work. The Film Society and the Deloraine Dramatic Society also contributed funds to enable the project to go ahead.

The new system allows Little Theatre users to select a mode that suits either movies or performances. Both the DDS and the WTFS are confident that having such a sophisticated system will result in increasing use of the venue as movie goers (including U3A), bands and performance groups find that the system on offer caters so comprehensively to their needs.

On the ‘opening night’, President Lyn Prove expressed the Society’s gratitude to the sponsors, noting the benefit to the community of having such a well-equipped venue.

‘Being able to provide audiences with a top-notch experience goes a long way to ensuring the continued success of movies, plays and concerts at the Performing Arts Centre,’ she said, ‘and proves again that the Meander Valley is a great place to live!’

Past members are invited to attend the bonus movie I am not a Witch as WTFS guests on Saturday 29th June, to experience the new sound system.

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