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Deloraine’s fountain – a sad trickle of miscommunication

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By Sharon Webb

WITH ITS lop-sided spray and preponderance of concrete and rock, Deloraine’s Emu Bay Road fountain could be labelled the nation’s most disappointing.

Locals have called it an excuse for a fountain, others have said it’s boring and some have simply asked ‘Why?’

Deloraine resident Lisa Bartholomew attributes vandalism to its ugliness: ‘Nothing about that fountain encourages people to enjoy sitting by it or to take care of it.

‘Given all the beautiful sculpture around this town, this lets us down.

‘It’s a 1970s concrete fountain that reminds me of the old Cat and Fiddle fountain in Hobart – not in a good way!’

So cheers to Meander Valley Council for coming up with an idea to add a contemporary creative element.

Director of works, Matthew Millwood, shot off an email to Deloraine Rotary, who funded the fountain originally, to ask for a donation to the project. And he spoke to Golden Valley sculptor John Parish about the possibility of designing a fountain adornment.

Without a formal project being established, and to his financial detriment, John blazed ahead with his idea.

‘I’ve made a bronze family of native hens,’ he said – most appropriate considering the hens on the river banks.

But this great idea has stalled. After 8 months, Deloraine Rotary has not replied to the email from Mr Millwood.

On being contacted, Deloraine Rotary president Maree Matanle said she’d never heard of the project but would look into it. The miscommunication could be because the email went to Deloraine Rotary’s website. Meander Valley Council may still be able to find some funds to contribute – if the idea goes ahead, general manager Martin Gill said.

Meanwhile, a beautiful family of three native hens sits in John Parish’s studio, preserved in glowing bronze, waiting patiently

Unloved by some, does Deloraine fountain need a make-over?  Photo by Mike Moores

Unloved by some, does Deloraine fountain need a make-over?

Photo by Mike Moores