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Local author looks north

Arts and ReviewsJoanne Eisemann

SET IN the Northern Territory during the early 1960s, there is a good mix of the funny, everyday and tragic in Wendy Laing’s novel Memoirs of an Arresting Woman.

Arriving at police headquarters in Darwin, Constable Laurie McKenzie learns she is the only female officer in the Northern Territory Police Force.

Transferred to the outback town of Rabbit Creek, she has to deal with murderers, a paedophile, domestic violence and crocodile poachers as shestrives to earn the respect of the townspeople and her male colleagues.

Although there is a continuing thread throughout the novel, the scenes break down into enjoyable short stories. The town and its surroundings almost become another character, they are so well described.

This novel would appeal to readers of other fictionalised memoirs such as those by Gerald Durrell and James Herriot.

Sally Odgers, editor, manuscript assessor and author, describes Memoirs of an Arresting Woman as a thoroughly good reading experience.

Deloraine author Wendy Laing is Secretary of the Society of Women Writers Tasmania, writes for the Meander Valley Gazette and runs the Deloraine Writers Group.

Memoirs of an Arresting Woman is published by Indie-Mosh and is available through their website, or as an eBook on Amazon and Smashwords.

You can contact Wendy Laing on 0499 993 850 to purchase a signed copy.