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Northern lights

Arts and ReviewsJoanne Eisemann

THE FRANCES Mary Archer Gallery (FMAG) at Woolmers Estate is showcasing the vast talent of a variety of Northern Tasmanian artists in its newly curated Collection of Northern Artists Exhibition.

Phillip Austen, Carol Barnett, Paul Becker, Alison Cooper-White, Yvonne Correlje, Carlton Cox, Sharon Davidson, Luke Harvey, Gerry Jensen, Brad Quinn, Darren Meader and MaryAnn Orchard are twelve artists from different areas of northern Tasmania who have produced works in a range of media, including watercolour, oil, pastel, linocut prints and acrylic.

The exhibition is set to draw visitors both from around Tasmania and the mainland. As one of the most significant heritage properties in Australia, Woolmers Estate has for decades been of keen interest to artists and art historians. It is only fitting that the tradition of art appreciation be continued and enjoyed by all who visit the Estate.

UNESCO World Heritage Listed Convict Site, Woolmers Estate, is home to not one but two of the newest art galleries in Northern Tasmania, housed within the state of the art Nigel Peck Centre.

Business Administration Manager Sue-Ellen Groer, who has been working closely with the curators of the exhibition, said: ‘This outstanding presentation by northern Tasmanian artists showcases the unique and contemporary works within the new setting of the Nigel Peck Centre.

‘The centre has provided Woolmers Estate with a major storage upgrade for the extensive Woolmers Collection as well as providing two large gallery spaces to present a variety of events and exhibitions.

‘In drawing together artworks from a variety of artists across different genres, this new exhibition traces narratives of geography, country, landscape and the places we live and work. It also tells stories of journeys, encounters, beauty and nature. The return of a Collection of Northern Artists Exhibition is a deeply satisfying undertaking, as it draws on the expertise of artists in the north of the state forming a wonderful chapter in the story of Australian art.’

Open to the public from Sunday 21 July, the exhibition will run daily between 10am and 3pm until October. Entry to the exhibition is free.

Woolmers Estate is a not for profit organization and appreciates donations to assist with the ongoing costs of preserving the convict built outbuildings, vast collections and gardens within the site.

Woolmers Estate is open daily for self-guided tours of the grounds, gardens and convict built outbuildings and guided house tours are also conducted daily. Current hours are listed on the website: