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A berry big achievement

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CHRISTMAS HILLS Raspberry Farm Café was presented as a finalist in the prestigious Fonterra Australia Agriculture Award at the 2017 Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards.

Held at the the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Hobart, cafe proprietor Lindy Dornauf attended.

The Fonterra Australia Agriculture Award aims to applaud unsung heroes and high achievers who work tirelessly to provide food and drink for our communities.

Nominees for this category can be involved in any stage of agriculture and focuses on acknowledging those who play a part in shaping our agricultural community.

Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm Café, a well known stop in Elizabeth Town, was established in 1984 when the Dornauf family, already involved in the dairy business, planted twelve acres of raspberry canes on a north-facing hill on their property.

In 1995 the café was built and is now a dining hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

In December 2012 a new shop was opened, creating more space for customers to enjoy all the culinary delights the Raspberry Farm Cafe has on o•ffer.

Up to 40 full-time and casual staff• are employed during the peak season, dropping back to around 20 during winter.

The café is part of the producer led tourist initiative, Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail.