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Council on location

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MAY 2018 | David Claridge

PROSPECT VALE and Blackstone Heights locals were given a chance to interact with local councillors in a community forum held at Prospect Park in March.

Members of the Blackstone Heights Community Group attended to explain who they are and what they hope to bring to the area.

The forums, held quarterly around Meander Valley, are a new way for council staff and elective members to engage with the community and vice versa in an informal setting.

Meander Valley Councillor, Tanya King, said the forum at Prospect Vale park was well attended.

“The community in Prospect Vale and Blackstone Heights are a relatively happy bunch.

“Some minor road safety and storm water improvements were suggested, and I trust our Council officers will follow up accordingly,” she said.

“The newly formed Blackstone Heights Community Group are vibrant and active, and I look forward to working with them to promote Community Safety, and to help them with any issues that arise.

Photo | David Claridge